1. What is the difference between MPS RPO and a staffing agency or search firm?

MPS RPO is not a staffing agency or a search firm which charges fees per position. With MPS RPO you get a dedicated recruiter working exclusively for you, along with the added advantage of required infrastructure such as hardware, software, applicant tracking system, job board subscriptions, office, phone, internet and other facilities. Most of all, you get cost savings.

2. Why should I use MPS RPO services instead of using an in-house operation?

MPS RPO, as an outsourcing provider, can improve efficiency and effectiveness in talent acquisition as we leverage our sourcing relationship and expertise in creating recruitment strategies. Additionally, our scalability in experienced recruitment resources allows clients to leverage our talent based on their needs. Outsourcing will also provide significant cost savings by providing a value added service that reduces client costs for additional resources and overhead; allowing the recruitment team to focus solely on closing placements. Centralizing the recruitment function allows a more consistent recruiting process.

3. What is the advantage of hiring dedicated recruiters from MPS RPO?

• Phone lines for each recruiter. Often we can use your local area code.
• One Week trail period. For Integrating operating procedures and making them understand your larger organizational goals.
• Service Manager to streamline operations. You don't have to pay for this service.
• All recruiters work in your time zone.
• High speed internet connections.
• Backup generator, and sufficient fuel onsite for 7 days continous operations.

4. I like the Dedicated Recruiter concept and want to take it further. What do I do?

Contact us with your details and we will get back to you within 24 hrs.

5. Who is Outsourcing?

According to studies, more than 90% of hiring managers at mid-size to large organizations outsource a part or the entire recruiting function - enabling them to focus their resources on high value activities such as business development. Smaller companies need to realize the numerous benefits of utilizing offshore recruiters and gain the competitive edge to grow and expand your business.

6. How old MPS RPO?

MPS RPO has been in business since 2003. We have served customers across multiple industries and businesses that are primarily based in the India Our management team and advisory board include seasoned business executives with strong experience in recruiting and human capital management.

7. Where are MPS RPO centers located?

MPS RPO is based in City Bareilly, State Uttar Pradesh, Contry India and are equipped with state-of- the art infrastructure: phone, hardware, software, and internet facilities.

8. Can I visit your facility in India?

Yes of course. You can visit us anytime at: MPS RPO - Head Quarters No 05 Shanti Vihar Behind Dezine Complex Prem Nagar Pilibhit Road Bareilly 243001,Uttar Pradesh India.

10. How experienced are the professional recruiters?

We offer a broad range of experience level, which normally can be categorized in to three skill sets:
• Sourcers begin with 0-3 years.
• Junior Recruiters usually have 1-3 years experience.
• Senior Recruiters have 3+ years experience.
All MPS RPO recruiters have Two year Post degrees, usually in HR, but sometimes in Bachelor Engineering or IT.

11. How can I make sure that I am offered the best professionals recruiter available?

Before finalizing the candidate for your assignment we introduce you to a number of highly skilled and qualified recruiters, whom you can interview and shortlist. We also offer you an option of working with more than one recruiter for a week at a nominal cost. You can verify and choose yourself the most suitable and easy to work with professional. This will help you to bring qualified professional recruiter as needed for the job. We have talented young professional recruiters with university educations.

12. How many hours per week does a dedicated Recruiter work?

Our dedicated recruiters work 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday. Thus they work total 40 hours a week.

13. How do I communicate with my dedicated Recruiter?

Each recruiter will have a seprate phone line. In most cases, we can provide a number from your area code. You can also communicate with them via email, Skype, etc.

14. Is there anyone else that I should communicate with?

Yes. Each client will be given an experienced account manager who will oversee service to ensure that their customer is given the best service possible.

15. What happens if I don't like my recruiter?

This is most unlikely, but in case you do have problems with your recruiter your first point of contact would be your account manager. You can also feel free to contact our Director. If necessary, it is possible to change your recruiter.

16. Will you sign a non-disclosure agreement?

Absolutely. Our interest is in maintaining a long-term relationship with you, and as such, we are committed to protect your confidentiality.

17. Do I pay for the vacation, holidays or sick leave for my dedicated recruiter?


18. How do we pay you? Which mode of payment is preferred?

Generally payments are made through bank wire transfers to our account in BOB, or by credit card or PayPal.

19. Any start up or maintenance costs or taxes?

No, Only Management Fees & Service Tax (as per Government Norms).

20. What is your pricing?

The pricing structure is based on a low monthly flat-fee plus small placement bonus, and depends on a number of variables, including how many recruiters you want, your industry, the level of experience you want in a recruiter, etc. Please contact us and we will gladly give you a free estimate.

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